NMD – Nordic Music Days

Nordic Music Days 2016, one of the world’s oldest music festivals, founded in 1888. The festival will showcase pioneering contemporary music performances by Nordic composers performed by leading ensembles and soloists from the Nordic region. In addition to the performance and sound art programme, The Nordic Music Days has the The NMD Pavilion, which serves as a platform for experiments, research, critical discussions, lectures, panels and workshops. With INTEGRATION as the key word, the pavilion will tackle topics such as archiving in experimental music, gender equality in the contemporary music scene, culture politics within the Nordic countries and the integration and modernization of the West Nordic countries.


The identity is inspired by the Nordic currents and the way in which music can change one’s perception of reality. Experimental music, in particular, is like an optical illusion.
And by mixing music with visual currents (the black lines) the experience can be lifted to a new level.

The installationen allowing visitors to play their own visual experience on the statues.
By pulling the black lines back and forth on the screen, the projection is distorted and the experience change from time to time. Just like the music experience can vary from person to person, the visual experience becomes unique and different from receiver to receiver.


You can also find this project at Behance.



2nd year final examination paper
at Interactive Design DMJX